Two 5G Phones With 90Hz Waterfall Display From Motorola

There are reports that Motorola is working on two 5G phones that will come with waterfall displays. Hints that the Motorola Edge+ may be on of these phones we are just now hearing about have been made.

Waterfall displays are displays with extreme curvature and the curves on these phones seem to be not as pronounced as the ones on other products. This detail suggests that the phones will probably have room for hardware volume buttons. The phones are expected to arrive with a 6.67-inch waterfall display with 1080p resolution and run at 90Hz.

One among the two phones which is suspected to be the “Motorola Edge+” is to come powered by Snapdragon 865 combined with 12GB of RAM. It is also expected to come with a 5,169mAh battery and is codenamed Burton.

The other phone has been tagged “Racer 5G” and is expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 735(G), which suggest that it will have 5G connectivity. Reports have brought a few more details including that the phone will have a 48MP main camera module, 4,660mAh battery and it will start at 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage.

The phones will be sold under the Moto One brand outside of Verizon. Information from XDA says that the curved sides will be used for the Moto Edge Assistant feature. This feature will allow switching between apps. There will also be Moto Gametime and Moto Audio which will allow blocking notifications and locking the screen brightness, and automatic adjustment of the equalizer settings to match the current audio content respectively.

Other details should be available soon. There are expectations that Motorola’s MWC event, happening on February 23 will bring these phones and a few others.

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