How To Use ShareCloud To Share Apps Between Android Phones and Tabs

Sharing apps between Android phones is very easy using the ShareCloud app for Android. The app also lets you quickly share music, photos, documents, videos, files on your Android device with another Android device.

To share files with another Android, ShareCloud app must have been installed on both devices.

You can download ShareCloud app here.

If installed on your Android phone but not on the Android of your friend, you can as well easily invite your friend to download the app via bluetooth, WiFi or by sharing the download link with him/her. To do this, launch the app and tap “Invite to ShareCloud” using the “Share to Offline” option.

Once the app is installed on both Androids, you can start sharing files without internet connection. Now, let me assume you want to share a file with a friend.

Just follow the steps below:

==> Launch ShareCloud app on your Android
==> Tap “Share To Offline”


==> Tap “SHARE > Select File”

sharecloud face to face receive==> Tap the file(s) you want to share to select them

==> Tap “Face-to-Face Send” button.

Thereafter, you should see something similar to this:


==> Now, tell your friend to launch ShareCloud on his Android, tap “Share to Offline” and tap “Face to Face Receive” button.

Your phone should appear on his ShareCloud as seen below:


==> Tell your friend to tap on your phone name to select it.

Both will connect and notification will be displayed once the files are sent successfully.



How Do I View Files Received View ShareCloud App?

If you want to view the files you’ve received via Sharecloud app, tap the icon indicated in the screenshot below.


You can also view them by navigating to the ShareCloud folder using the File Manager app on your Android device.

I hope this helps.

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