Using ES File Explorer To Make APK Backups of Android Apps and Games

Many Android users generally perceive ES File Explorer as just a free application that can be used to manage files in the internal and external memory (SD card) of their Android devices. Many don’t know it can also be used to extract .apk files of any software installed on an Android device and store them as a backup installation file.

If you format your phone or uninstall some apps, you can easy re-install those apps without Google play if you backed up their apk files; a process you can easily carry out with using the ES File Explorer app.

How To Get Started

==> Download ES File Explorer

==> Launch the ES File explorer app and tap on “Fast Access” icon (at the top left) or options soft key.

==> Tap on “App Manager” from the menu. You will be taken to a page which has a list of all apps installed on your phone. ( or “Library > App” )

==> Find the application you want to get access to it’s APK file, long tap it and press backup.

That’s all.

ES File Manager app

The .apk installation file of the selected android app will be copied to the path ‘sdcard > backups> apps’.

You can use this apk file to reinstall the app any time you want. You can even send these apk files to your friends via bluetooth or Flash share app and they can install the apps on their devices as well.

Sooner or later, I will share with you how to back up your Android Apps as apk using Astro File Manager.

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  1. ES File Explorer is really helpful apk. Nice share.

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