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*#*#4636#*#* and *#5005*7672# : USSD Codes for Checking SMSC on Androids and iPhone

If you are unable to check, set or change the Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) Number on your iPhone or Android phone via the Message app “setting”, you can make use of *#5005*7672# and *#*#4636#*#* USSD codes respectively.

On Android,

Dial *#*#4636#*#*.
You will see a “testing” menu. From that, select “Phone or Device Information”
Scroll to “SMSC”
Tap “Refresh”. This will most likely to retrieve the message center number from your operator

If you see something like; “+234” 145
Change only the “+234” to “your message centre number”

So for example. final code for me for Glo is : “+2348050001501” 145

Tap “Update” after entering the correct Message centre number.


code to check smsc on android
On iPhone,

On iPhone, you can check your message centre number by dialing *#5005*7672#

To set the correct SMSC, dial **5005*7672*+your message centre number#

code to check smsc message center number on iphone

For example, if you are using Glo on your iPhone, and the ‘Service Centre Address’ isn’t +2348050001501, dial **5005*7672*+2348050001501# to set it to Glo Message Centre Number.

If you don’t know the SMSC Number of your operator, call the customer care.


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