How To View Blackberry Q10 Files On PC Without Using Link Software

By default, if you connect your Blackberry Q10 to a computer with a USB cable, you will not be able to access the phone’s files on the PC except you turn on USB Mass Storage via Settings.

When turned ON, the media card will be available as a USB drive for your PC to access. Thereafter, you can transfer files (pictures, videos, documents or other media files) between your PC and the BlackBerry 10 device.

This trick simply allows you to access media files on your Q10 from a computer using USB without installing BlackBerry Link software. So, to get started, you need to turn ON USB Mass Storage.

How To Enable USB Mass Storage on Blackberry 10 SmartPhone

  1. From the home screen, swipe down and tap Settings > Storage and Access.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and turn on USB Mass Storage.

Connect Q10 To PC

Once completed, access to the mounted drives for the Media card and on-board device memory will be available via “My Computer” folder of your PC.


==> The USB Mass Storage option will only be visible if a media card is currently inserted in the BlackBerry Q10. The assigned drive letters will start with next available drive letter from A: to Z:

==> File Manager and Blackberry Link connections don’t work when USB mass storage is turned on.

==> When you connect your Q10 to a computer, you can access your media files Only from your computer.

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