Whatsapp Banned Your Number? Try This Trick To Get Unbanned

If WhatsApp thinks that you’ve done something that violates their terms, your whatsapp number will be banned!

When this happens, Whatsapp sends an alarming message that says:

Your phone number ******** is temporarily banned from WhatsApp. Contact Support “.

One major reason why your number might be banned from using whatsapp, is the use of third-party applications like like GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. If you’re using one of those apps, or perhaps another entirely, then you may notice that you are given a temporary ban. WhatsApp’s suggestion is that you move back to the official app when that ban is lifted. You should not, then, have any further problems.

Sending too many messages to people that do not have your number saved on their phones can also make whatsapp ban your number.

How To Re Activate Banned Whatsapp Number

If you think your account was banned by mistake, you can email whatsapp support (support@whatsapp.com) and they will look into your case but before you do that, remove all the third-party apps which are related to WhatsApp like WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp from your phone.

whatsapp number banned unban

You can follow the steps below :

  • Uninstall your existing WhatsApp now
  • Download and install new update Whatsapp
  • Enter your phone number and you will see a popup telling you that your number has been banned. You will also see a “support” option. Tap on it
  • Now a contact support form is displayed
  • Write your problem and add the screenshot of what it is showing
  • Don’t forget to add your number
  • Click “Next” and scroll down
  • Choose “This does not answer my problem”
  • Now send a support email using support@whatsapp.com
  • Thereafter, keep checking your email inbox for a WhatsApp reply.

The time to remove the ban varies from a minimum of 48 hours to a maximum of “infinite”.

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