WhatsApp Got An Update For Its Beta Build

WhatsApp is getting a new update for its beta build that bumps up the version number to 2.19.366.

This update mainly fixes a serious bug that caused the last version of WhatsApp beta for Android to crash for many users. This bug found in version 2.19.335 has seemingly been fixed in the latest update, along with other notable changes.

Other reported visual changes include the Wallpaper option that was previously found under chat settings has now been moved to a separate Display section. Also, WhatsApp has also added new skin tones for six different emojis. The emojis are ‘woman in manual wheelchair’, ‘man in manual wheelchair’, ‘woman in motorized wheelchair’, ‘man in motorized wheelchair’, ‘woman with probing cane’, ‘man with probing cane’.

You can easily head over to the Google Play Store to get the new version and get the bug fixes for yourself.

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