WhatsApp Material Design Project Stopped

WhatsApp Design is now official. Get yours in Play Store – Earlier this year, I posted an article about how you can pimp your WhatsApp with material design. The material design version of WhatsApp which looks cooler than the original interface was a project done by a developer outside WhatsApp.


However, WhatsApp has taken steps to put a total stop to the project. The developer who was he brain behind the material design version was served a Cease and Desist letter from WhatsApp lawyers. His Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts were banned and he is shutting down the project to get his accounts back.

He advised that all those that have already installed the material design version of WhatsApp uninstall it to avoid been banned.

Message from his Google+ profile reads:

*NEWS – READ EVERYTHING* – So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Everything, good or bad, must eventually come to an end. Unfortunately WhatsAppMD’s end came too quickly.

Sorry for taking so long to make this announcement, I really didn’t want to and kept delaying it again and again.

I’m about to reach an agreement with WhatsApp lawyers, I have to sign a document and they will give my accounts back, of course that means I will need to delete this community and as you have already seen the GitHub repo too.

I advise deleting forks too, they are starting to contact everyone involved in some form or another as it has already happened with +David L.-W. . Please, don’t get in trouble because of something so small, do not continue the project! I also recommend installing stock WhatsApp as they must be developing a new banning method.

There’s not a lot more to say other than I’m sorry and thanks for being part of the community. Seeing the project grow for 3 months, interacting with users and meeting some really helpful people was amazing!

From a little modification to use myself to more than 50.000 active installations, I think we made quite an accomplishment in such a short time 🙂

See you around, hope you enjoyed it while it lasted!

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