Where Can I Download Flash Share App ?

Flash Share app aka Xender is a mobile application which you can use to share almost anything on your mobile phone with another smartphone that has the application installed on it. The FlashShare app works fine on Android phones and you can also use it on a Blackberry 10 phone if you install it’s apk on your Bb10 phone eg Z10.

Flash Share application comes preloaded on most Tecno phones as well as Infinix mobile phones. If you download and install Xender app from the Google Play store, the preloaded Flash share app on your phone will dissapear as the Xender app will automatically replace it. So, don’t be surprised if you can’t find Flash Share on your phone after installing Xender. They are almost the same thing.

flash share app

Download Flash Share for Android Phone e g Galaxy S4

Go to Google play store  to download Flash share to your mobile phone.

Download flash share for blackberry z10, z3 and other bb10 phones

Ensure you’ve upgraded to at least Blackberry 10.2.1. Then, download and install the Flash Share app Apk file here.

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