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If you are familiar with Cydia Flashtransfer app or the popular Tecno Flash Share app, then you will definitely understand how the Gionee Xender app works. It is simply a file transfer app which you can use to transfer apps, images, media and any file to multiple devices at a time.
I installed the Flashshare app on my Blackberry Q10 this morning and I’ve  been able to use it to transfer files from my Android phone to the Q10. With it, I’ve also been able to transfer photos, videos, music etc on my Q10 to the Android phone without using Bluetooth. The app simply makes use of WiFi, making the transfer to be very fast.

For you to use Flashshare on your Blackberry 10 phone, you will have to install the Flashshare apk file to the phone. This will work if you’ve upgraded your BB to Blackberry OS.10.2.1.


You can download Xender apk file here.

You can download Flash share apk file here.

If you can’t download Flashshare from Google Play directly, you can also try installing the apk file.

I hope this helps.

You can read how to use the Flashshare app here.

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