You Can Now Run Reverse Image Searches Powered By Google Lens On Chrome For Android

Image searches aren’t a new story and can be performed by dragging and dropping an image into the Google search engine on a desktop, and in the Android version of Chrome you can long-press an image to access the option to ‘Search Google for this image’.

Google has brought the power of Google Lens to Chrome for Android, making it possible to perform more advanced image-based searches.

Google Lens analyzes the image you are searching with so you can search for similar images. This is really helpful when you spot something you’d like to have but it ends up being too expensive. You could easily search for other less expensive ones using the image.

With Google Lens you mustn’t necessarily use the entire image to run a search, you could easily crop in on a particular element that you’re interested in to narrow the results.

How To Enable The Google Lens Search:

  • Pay a visit to chrome://flags
  • Search for #context-menu-search-with-google-lens
  • Tap the setting and select ‘Enabled’
  • Restart Chrome by tapping ‘Relaunch’
  • When you tap on an image, the context menu that appears will include a new option – ‘Search with Google Lens’.

While this replaces the usual ‘Search Google for this image’ option, you can still perform this type of search by tapping the ‘Search by image’ or ‘Go back to classic mode’ option that appears at the top of results.

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