5 Minutes Relaxation App For Windows, iPhone and Android Users



I have never found an app like this before.  I think I need it more than anyone else to relax my body and mind.  You will agree with me that in today’s world, you cannot rule out stress and tiredness so you need something like this wonderful app to ease them out.  In under 5 minutes I was practically tingling with relaxation and you know what, I feel better.  You should download it and add it to your daily rituals to fee whole.


==> A combination of vocal guidance, soothing music and relaxing sounds to create a calm journey into peace and tranquility.

==> Sick of the same audio repeated: 20 different session so you never get bored of the same sounds

==> Don’t think you have time to relax? Every session takes just 5 minutes from start to finish – ideal for short breaks in the working day

==> Want to relax before you drift off to sleep? Set the app to automatically guide you to sleep .

==> Beautiful animated imagery helps you feel calmer from the moment you open the app.

==> The easy way to escape the stresses of modern life –

Download 5 Minutes Relaxation Mobile App

Windows Users (PC and Mobile Device): Download 5 Minutes Relaxation App here

Android users: Download Download 5 Minutes Relaxation App here

iPhone/iPad users: Download Download 5 Minutes Relaxation App here

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