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Android Device Administrator Examples

If you access android device administrator setting on your smartphone, you will likely see a list of device administrators which you can activate or deactivate. Those android device administrators simply enforce remote/local device security policies.

Once you enable a device admin application, you are subject to its policies. Complying with those policies typically confers benefits, such as access to sensitive systems and data. If you do not enable the device admin app, it remains on the device, but in an inactive state. You will not be subject to its policies, and you will conversely not get any of the application’s benefits—for example, the app may not be able to sync data.

There are some applications especially email clients that won’t sync data if you don’t activate android device administrator. The Blackberry Hub for Android app on my ASUS Zenfone Selfie didn’t sync emails of my exchange account not until I agreed to activate the Email device administrator.

Android Administrator Examples

Those are the ones I saw on the list of device administrators on my Asus Zenfone Selfie Android phone as at the time of publishing this post.

examples of android device administrators

You can add Android device administrators listed above by installing Android device manager app, CM security app, Outlook app for Android and OWA app for Android on your smartphone.

What is Device Administration in Android Phones ?

Device Administration is a feature that first made its way onto the Android platform with the introduction of Android 2.2 Froyo. It basically introduced an Android Device Administration API that offers support for enterprise applications. Usually users are prompted by apps to provide the Device Administration privileges which in return grants access to the API.

You can access “Device Administration” on your Android phone by navigating to “Settings‘ > “Security“.


android device administration


Below are examples of the types of applications that might use the Device Administration API:

  • Email clients.
  • Security applications that do remote wipe.
  • Device management services and applications.

How To Remove Device Administrator In Android

If for example, you want to remove the OWA device administrator above, simply uninstall the OWA app on your Android smartphone.

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