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If you are looking for a website for discovering, streaming, and downloading music, then you need to visit now. Located in the heart of New York City, Audiomack’s core is built around people who love music more than they love dollars.

The site simply helps artists showcase and distribute their music in a way that is unparalleled to any other site on the web. Users on the other hand can also download their favorite music or albums with a click of a button. If you don’t want to download, you can listen to your favorite songs online right on the site.

If you upload to Audiomack, you can gain insights into the # of plays and downloads accumulated over specific time periods, see what countries and cites are viewing your music. You can as well view where your embeds are placed and the impact they are having!

Audiomack artists can offer their music for free download in exchange for fans following them on the social media site of their choice. Fans who want to download a #FtD enabled song be able to follow the artist on Audiomack, Instagram, Twitter or Soundcloud.  In just one click they will both follow that artist and initiate the download! If they are already following that artist then they can just download normally without doing any additional stuff.

There is also this feature called RE-UP’s. When you Re-Up a song or album on audiomack, that song will show up in the feed of people who follow you. Other sites call it a repost (soundcloud), a retweet (twitter), or even a share (facebook). So, instead of literally re-uploading the same track that already exists on audiomack, you can now Re-Up instead to save time and share credit with that artist.

The audiomack blog is also resourceful. There is a blog post on top accounts you can follow on Audiomack.

Whether you’re a music creator or a music consumer, I encourage you to create an account, look around, and enjoy the future of online music at

You can download AudioMack App for iOS and Android here.

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