Best Camera App For BlackBerry 10: 360 Panorama

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While the built-in BlackBerry camera does have plenty of great functions that include HDR (10.1), multiple modes, scenes and aspect ratios, there are still some things it just can’t do.

360 Panorama is a simple app that lets you take amazing 360 degree panoramic photos on your BlackBerry 10 device. Just tap the button to start snapping then move your device around to capture the photo.

It’s dead simple to use and you can save files or share them instantly right from the app. Photographers looking for a new spin on things should definitely pick up 360 Panorama.


  • The app stitches the image together along the grid making for a seamless picture
  • You can export the photos for sharing via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail
  • You can scroll around the entire photo and even pan up and down to take it all in
  • Full panoramas can be shared over BBM with a particularly cool interactive mode.


  • It costs $2.99 only


  • Install 360 Panorama HERE

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