Blackberry Z3 Price in Nigeria and Features

Blackberry has announced Blackberry Z3 smartphone as an all-touch smartphone designed with Indonesian customers in mind. According to a blog post on Blackberry blog, the stylish new BlackBerry Z3 smartphone is customized with local apps and content, a modern design with a 5” display and will come with BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1.

BlackBerry Z3 Features

BlackBerry Hub – to access all your work and personal email, BBM™, text messages, social media updates and notifications in one place

BBM – BBM on the BlackBerry Z3 smartphone includes BBM voice and video chatting with Screen Share. BBM Channels will feature a variety of Indonesian channels as well as a package of BBM stickers that have been specially designed by an Indonesian artist.

BlackBerry Keyboard – this will give you the best Bahasa Indonesia typing experience on a touchscreen, complete with multi-language support that lets you type in up to 3 different languages at the same time.

Time Shift & Story Maker –  this lets you capture a group shot where everyone is smiling with their eyes wide open. You can also use Story Maker to bring a collection of photos and videos together, along with music and effects, to produce an HD movie that you can instantly share on YouTube

BlackBerry 10 Browser – this lets you browse sites privately and even save web pages for later viewing. Includes a reader mode, and supports multiple tabs.

Instant Previews & Reply Now – You can reply to your BBM or SMS messages in any app, or swipe to the BlackBerry Hub to respond. If you get a phone call that you can’t answer right way, you can instantly silence the call and send a Reply Now response through BBM, SMS or email to let the caller know you’re busy.

Fast, Easy Sharing – Touching “share” in any app provides suggestions on who and how to share your files based on who you’ve shared with in the past, and the feature only gets smarter the more you use it.

FM Radio – The new BlackBerry Z3 includes a built-in FM radio. You can listen to local FM stations, which does not require any network connection.

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How Much is Blackberry Z3 in Nigeria?

The Konga BlackBerry Z3 price is N33, 000. You can buy it here.

You can also buy Z3 at Jumia here. Costs N39,000 there.

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