ChatPay App Helps You Make Payments From Your Social Media Channels

You can now perform your major financial transactions directly from some of your social media channels with the help of ChatPay Mobile app aka “kiki”. It is simply a card-based payment app connected to your IM accounts that helps you make payments in Nigeria from your social media accounts i.e Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WeChat etc

This isn’t one of those mobile banking applications that require you dial stars and numbers you hardly ever remember. You also don’t need any third party device like a token. Matter of fact, you just chat with “Kiki” and she will get the job done.

Want to transfer money while on twitter? Need to check your account balance while WeChat? Or maybe you just need to find out and pay for the latest Marvel movie. All you have to do is holla at Kiki by typing “chatpay” in the linked social chat channel, and she will be there ready to service… at your service.

Things You Can Do With ChatPay Mobile Application

  • Purchase Airtime
  • Find ATM Locations
  • Check Movie Schedule
  • Pay Bills (DstV, GoTv etc)
  • Transfer Funds (No Tokens. No USSD codes)
  • View Last 10 Transactions on Your Account

chatpay mobile banking app

How To Use ChatPay App

==> Download ChatPay app to your mobile device
==> Input your phone number and confirm it
==> Add your bank details or link your debit card
==> Select your preferred social chat channel and follow the integration steps here.
==> Whenever you want to carry out a transaction from your preferred social chat channel, just type “ChatPay”.

How Can I Download ChatPay App for Blackberry, Android and iPhone?

You can download ChatPay for Android and iOS from their respective app stores. There is no official ChatPay app for Blackberry but if you know how you can generate ChatPay apk, you can give it a try it on your Blackberry 10 smartphone.

Download ChatPay for Android from Play Store
Download ChatPay for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

You can also check the downloads page at

NB: ChatPay requires you to link your debit card or add your bank account details during the registration process just like KongaPay mobile app.

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