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Code To Stop MTN Data Auto Renewal

MTN data auto renewal simply lets you stay connected to the internet. If you have sufficient balance, it automatically resubscribes you whenever your active mtn data plan expires or get exhausted, thereby relieving you of the stress of having to be looking for the code to subscribe to MTN data plan every time your mtn bundle expires.

Anyway, if you don’t want MTN to auto resubscribe you, there is a code you can use to stop MTN data auto renewal.

How To Stop MTN Data Auto Renewal

Text STOPDATA to 131 on your MTN Nigeria line.

Thereafter, MTN will not auto-subscribe you once your data plan expires. So, if you want to keep browsing the net, you will have to manually subscribe to MTN data bundle of your choice.

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Kindly note that you have to be sending the code to 131 everytime you subscribe to MTN data plan. If you fail to do so, MTN will automatically re subscribe you when the MTN data plan expires provided you have sufficient balance that can cover for the cost of the MTN data plan. If you don’t have sufficient balance, you will receive SMS that will tell you that auto renewal fails because you don’t have sufficient balance.

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