Comparison Between Q5 and Q10 and Prices in Nigeria

Blackberry Q5 and Q10 are the two Blackberry 10 smartphones with QWERTY keyboard. Both are touchscreen Blackberry phones are powered by the Blackberry 10 operating system. Although they share some similarities, there are still some differences which I’ve decided to share with you in this Blackberry Q10 vs Q5 post, so you can easily decide which of the two BBs suit your needs.

Similarities Between Blackberry Q10 and Q5

==> Both have QWERTY keyboard
==> Both sport 2GB RAM
==> Both feature 2MP front camera
==> Both are powered by Blackberry 10 OS
==> Both supports microSD for up to 32Gb cards.
==> Both supports bluetooth, 4G , WiFi Hotspot, GPS
==> Both sport 3.1 inch touchscreen display with 720×720 px resolution

blackberry q5 vs Q10

Differences In Specs between Blackberry Q5 and Q10

==> Q5 weighs 120g while Q10 weights 139g
==> Q5 is powered by 1.2GZ CPU while Q10 is powered by 1.5GZ CPU, making Q10 stronger
==> Q5 sports 5MP Back camera while that of Q10 is 8MP
==> No mini-HDMI port on Q5 but featured on Q10, allowing connection Q10 to television or projector
==> Q5 is wrapped in plastic bodyshell while Q10 sports premium-feel casing
==> Q5’s onboard storage is 8GB while that of Q10 is 16GB
==> Q5 sports 2,180mAH battery while Q10 sports 2, 100mAh battery.
==> Q5’s battery cannot be replaced but you can replace the battery of Q10.

BB Q10 and BB Q5 Prices in Nigeria

At SLOT Ikeja, Nigeria, Blackberry Q10 White and Black cost N55,500, the BB Q10 Gold costs N75,000 as at the time of publishing this post


BB Q5 costs N35,000.

You can also:

Buy Q5 at Konga for N33,000
Buy Q10 at Konga for N73,000

That’s all I could identify for now.

Do you know other differences between the Q10 and Q5? Pls, share via comments.

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