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How To Configure Your Phone To Take Photos of Anyone That Enters Wrong Password

You can set your phone to take photos of anyone that tries to unlock your device or try to snoop on your Whatsapp, Facebook chats or any app on your smartphone. This, you can do easily by installing CM security mobile app on your phone.

The app has an AppLock — Intruder Selfie feature that simply helps you know who wanted to access your information.

If anyone tries to break into your phone and enters the incorrect password 2 or more times, the app will make the front facing camera on your phone to take the picture of the infiltrator, save it to the gallery and notify you by email. If your phone is stolen, CM will email you the selfie of the thief who tried to unlock your phone.

How To Use CM Security Intruder Selfie Feature

Below is how I set my Asus Zenfone Selfie Android phone to take selfies of intruders.

  • Launch the CM Security app
  • Tap on the ellipsis on the top right-hand corner
  • Tap on “App Lock” > “Intruder Selfie


cm security app locker


Then, tap on the Intruder Selfie settings icon.

Tick “Applock Intruder Selfie” to enable the app snap the intruder when entering wrong password. Also set it to save the photos automatically.

settings for CM security intruder selfie


You can also set the number of incorrect code entries to once, twice, 3 times or 5 times as desired.

To link your email to CM Security app, tap on the ellipsis on the top right-hand corner, tap on “Find Phone” and sign up with your email.

How To Delete Intruders Selfies Saved On Your Phone

Launch the “Gallery” app on your phone and delete the saved photos.

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