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Download Duo App for Android, iPhone, iPad

Google Duo is simply a mobile app for making video calls. It does one-to-one video calls and nothing else. It is designed to be simple, reliable and fun to use. It’s only available for mobile phones—there are no Web, Chrome, or desktop clients. It doesn’t even require a Google Account. Just your phone number and you are good to go.

With Duo mobile app, you can place video calls to all your friends across all smartphones ( Android or iOS) with just one simple app. You just need to make sure your contact has Duo installed.

Duo has two interesting features :

The first is that it can switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data without dropping the call and can “gracefully degrade” the video when bandwidth gets low.

The other feature is called “Knock Knock,” which gives you live video preview of who is calling you before you even answer the call. You can read more about Duo Knock Knock feature here.

Where Can I Download Duo Mobile App for Android and iOS ?

You can download Duo for Android from Google Play Store

You can download Duo for iOS from App Store ( For iPhone, iPad)


download duo app for video calling on mobile phones


How To Use Duo App

  • Install Duo app on your smartphone
  • Open Duo.
  • Agree to Google’s Terms and Conditions for the Duo app.
  • Also, give access to your SMS, microphone and camera.
  • Type in your phone number to use with Google Duo.
  • Your phone will receive a text message to verify your number.
  • Verify and you are good to go.


How To Make Video Calls On Duo App

  • Tap Video Call icon.
  • Select the person you’d like to call from the displayed contacts list or type in the number you’d like to reach.
  • Duo will call your contact, making your video visible with Knock Knock.
  • To end your call, tap the red phone button in the bottom center of your screen.


How To Receive Calls Using Google Duo App

When receiving a call in Google Duo, you might see what your caller looks like.

  • Swipe up on the call button to accept it.
  • Swipe down on the call button to reject it.
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