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Download Easytaxi App For Android, iOS and Windows Phones

Easy Taxi is an on-demand car service that seeks to create efficiencies in the Nigerian transportation network by bringing business innovation to the country’s urban transportation challenge. The EasyTaxi application is a completely free smartphone app which allows users to hail a licensed taxi in just one click. It also lets taxi drivers get more passengers when they want them.

You no longer have to waste your time hailing cabs under the hot sun or in the rain. With Easytaxi, you can find taxis easily with a push of the button. Launch the app on your smartphone, allow it to automatically locates your address using GPS, tap “request taxi” then watch how Easy Taxi assigns a nearby driver. You can then follow the driver on the map and mind you, you will be prompted to pay when you book a taxi.

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The in-app taxi pay system provides safe mobile payments through credit card or PayPal.The cab app allows you to see driver’s identity and car. If you loss an item, you can track your taxi on the fingerprints.

EasyTaxi is free to download at EasyTaxi Nigeria website. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones. You can also download EasyTaxi from Samsung App store. You can also install the Easy taxi app on Tecno Androids.

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