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If you download OLX Nigeria mobile application to your smartphone, you will be able to sell items online as it allows free posting of ads. Besides that, you will be able search for cheap mobile phones you can buy or just about anything else.

The app aka OLX Free Classifieds, simply allows you to sell and buy on the go, for free.

Selling is easy: Take a picture with your mobile, describe your product and post your ad instantly in one click.

If you are looking for a specific item to buy, you can easily search for ads around you using the location of your phone if available or by entering a location manually. Thereafter, you can get in touch directly with the seller through messaging, phone call or SMS!

You can as well share your posts or favorite posts in your favorite social medias.

olx application for phones

How To Download OLX Free Classifieds for Blackberry z10, q10, q5, z30 etc

You can download OLX for blackberry from the App Store. Just search for it in the App store app on your Blackberry.

If you need OLX for blackberry 10 phones, you will have to install the olx apk for android as there is no official OLX app for blackberry 10 in the app store as at the time of writing this post.

How To Get OLX apk

You can google for the apk file. If you can’t find it via, you can generate the apk file by yourself.

Read how to get apk files of android apps here.

Alternatively, you can access olx on your blackberry browser via

You can read how to make money with OLX mobile app here.

Sell 🙂

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