Eskimi launches a new Android app version

Eskimi launched a new Android version to improve the experience of users and offer even better chatting experience.

“We have introduced our first Android version more than a year ago and saw how active Android users are in Nigeria. We have collected all requirements and launched a new version today. We are very happy to see that our users are even more engaged with the new app”, Vytautas Paukstys, CEO of Eskimi introduced the initial results.


According to Eskimi, Android users currently account for 11% mobile internet users in Nigeria. This number has grown rapidly from just 3% in the first quarter of 2013 and continues to grow. The numbers of Android users are even higher in other African markets. In Ghana and Kenya share of Android users is more than 20%.

“Eskimi users continue to be very active on Android and on other platforms of Eskimi. The normal usage per day would be that the user would browse our full mobile web version for 40 minutes and then jump on the Android app for another 40 minutes of instant chat, Match game and profile browsing. This increases the total time of the Android user to 1 hour and 20 minutes per day, which is amazing!”.

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