Flappy Bird Game: Download tips and Alternatives

Flappy Bird was generating millions of downloads at the Android Play Store and Apple App Store before the developer, Dong Nguyen; decided to remove the game from all stores. Nevertheless, you can still get the for some devices by using some tricks.

According to a post on PCAdvisor website, if you own and iPhone or iPad and downloaded Flappy Bird before it was removed from the App Store, you can get it back if you’ve deleted it from your device. Just go to the App Store and restore it from the Purchases/Updates link.

If you didn’t install it, just get someone that got Flappy Bird before it disappeared to sign in with their Apple ID on your device and install Flappy Bird from their purchase history. (To comply with Apple’s rules, this person should be a member of your household.).

Flappy Bird screenshot

For Android users, simply search Google on your Android device for ‘Flappy Bird apk’ and you should be able to find a link to the necessary apk file which you can install on your Android.

Note: there’s a risk associated with downloading Android apks from websites, and I don’t recommend doing this as you can inadvertently install malware on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Alternatives To Flappy Bird Game

Some smart developers are already rolling out alternatives to the FlappyBird game. These include:

==> Flappy Bird in the Windows Store by IG Mobile
==> Fall Out Bird Game for Android
==> Flappy Bird for Windows PC. You can also play it online.

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