Flying Cars Officially Launched By Dutch Company PAL-V International”

Imagine having a car like this in Lagos where you don’t have to worry about the traffic on 3rd Mainland bridge, Lekki Road, CMS and a whole lot of other roads. A Dutch company just released its first set of flying cars to the public and this is really exciting. With a car like this, we say good bye to traffic in Nigeria, but this may need some guidelines before it goes commercial.

Dutch company PAL-V International B.V. has officially launched sales for its two commercial models of flying cars this week, promising deliveries of the road and air certificated models by the end of 2018.

“After years of hard work, beating the technical and qualification challenges, our team succeeded in creating an innovative flying car that complies with existing safety standards, determined by regulatory bodies around the world,” announced PAL-V CEO Robert Dingemanse.

PAL-V started testing first concept vehicles in 2009 and 2012, and after successful results, the current commercial products were designed by leading Italian design agencies with a “distinct Italian flair”.

The company also stated that it had entered an exciting phase after it began receiving its first client orders. Contrary to other flying car manufacturers, PAL-V has managed to engineer, design and build its vehicles with proven technologies that are fully compliant with regulations.

The manufacturer took all the necessary measures to avoid common pilot errors during production and, thanks to the dual engine propulsion, the flying cars are safe and easy to operate, Dingemanse stated.

The PAL-V flying car looks like a chopper in the air, while also giving a sports car feel on the road due to the lowered suspension and tilting cockpit.

There is currently no detailed information about the documents necessary to operate these road and air vehicles. However, a pilot license in addition to a driving license will probably be required.

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