Hoverboard Price at Jumia and Konga Nigeria (Gold, Red, Blue)

Hoverboard | Smart Scooter

You can get hoverboard for sale at Jumia and Konga online shopping stores in Nigeria. Hoverboard price at Jumia Nigeria is around N150,000 and you can also buy the Hoverboard at Konga at cost prie around N130,000. The best hoverboard will likely be more expensive though.

Hoverboards are of different types and of different colours : red, gold, blue, black etc.

You can buy hoverboards at Jumia online store here.

You can buy hoverboards at Konga online shopping store here.

You can also buy at Costs around $1800

Below is a video of Cleveland Cavaliers J.R. Smith riding hoverboard through the bowels of Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena before and after  NFL finals game.


About Hoverboard

A hoverboard (or hover board) is a levitating board used for personal transportation. They resemble a skateboard without wheels.

These hoverboards are pretty simple to use: You lean forward to go forward, lean backward to go in reverse, place a bit more pressure with your right foot to turn right, and place a bit more pressure with your left foot to turn left.

Some hoverboard rely on battery to power them while some use magnetic fields. You can read how hoverboard technology works here.



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