How to Easily Delete Contacts on BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone and Android Devices

Some how, you will come to a point where you need to delete a contact on your BlackBerry messenger. You may want to do this because some of the contacts have started sending too many unnecessary broadcasts you consider as spam or because of other reasons best known to you.
It’s easier to delete contacts on BlackBerry messenger (BBM) on BlackBerry, but it is a little hard to do this on iPhone and Adroid device. This is because you will have to navigate through before getting to where you can delete contacts.
However, this is how to easily delete contacs or block contacts from spamming you.
detele-bbm-contact1. Open the BBM app on your iPhone or Android device.
2. Tap on “contacts list”
3. Search for the name of the contact you want to delete.
4. Press (and hold) on the name and tap “Delete”. You will see the delete icon, then tap/press it.
5. Select the “Delete and Ignore” to prevent the contact from sending you invitations after your delete the contact. But if you want the person to send you invitation again, tap “Delete Only”
That’s all and you are done.


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