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How To Know Original iTel Phones

iTel mobile has a dedicated website where customers can check if an iTel phone is original or not. At the site, you can as well check if your itel phone battery is original or fake if you know the serial number of the battery.

To verify the authenticity of your itel mobile phone, enter the imei number and VC code of your itel phone at


website check original itel phone


If your itel phone is fake, you will see a notification that your VC is not correct, that you should try and buy an original mobile phone from any of the recognized mobile phone shops.

If your itel phone is genuine, you will see the notification below:


check original itel phone

How To Get VC Code and IMEI Number of iTel Phone

If you don’t know the imei number of your iTel phone, you can dial *#06#. There are also other ways you can check imei numbers of itel phones.

To get the VC code of your itel phone, remove the battery of your phone. Alternatively, you can see it on the sticker at the back of your new itel phone.

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