How To Send Group Text Messages on Infinix Hot 2 Without Using MMS

I noticed that by default, MMS is used whenever I want to send text message to many contacts at once on my Infinix hot 2 x510. This aint cool to me as it relies on data connection and might not even deliver your message to the recipients asap.

Instead, I prefer not using mms so that the cost of texting each number can be deducted from my airtime balance. To get this done, you will have to go to the Google “Messenger” MMS settings and set it to send individual SMS messages to all recipients.


==> Launch the “Messenger” app on your Infinix hot 2
==> Tap on the three dots at the top right hand corner of the screen
==> Tap on “Settings
==> Tap on the SIM you want to configure
==> Tap “Group messaging”
==> Select the “Send individual SMS messages to all recipients……” option

group text messaging on infinix hot 2
==> Repeat same steps for the second SIM if any.

That’s all.

Try to compose an sms message, enter more than one contact, tap the “mark” sign, enter your message, tap send. Your message should be delivered to the recipients without using mms.

Happy Texting!

Note: You can send bulk text message at cheaper rate at NairaForSMS bulk SMS site.

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