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Infinix Mobility is the company that makes the Infinix phones and Joypads (Cheap Android tablets). Set up in 2009 at Hong Kong, with R&D centres sprawling between France and Korea and manufacturing centres in China, Infinix has only taken a few years to become known mobile phone manufacturer in the smartphones and tablets market.

Infinix smart devices are designed to inspire your daily life, with access to key features that young people look for, such as social networking, access to thousands of free apps and entertainment. The Infinix smartphones are in series that include: Alpha, Race, Surf, Diamond, and Zero series. has partnered the phone manufacturer for Infinix Buzz in Nigeria, allowing Nigerians to order the Infinix Zero Android phone at the Online phone shop.

You can get the full list of the latest Infinix phones and joypads and their specifications at the Infinix Mobile website. Right there, you can also get support and downloads for your Infinix smart devices.

You can check out the website at :

website of Infinix mobile company

You can also connect with infinix mobile facebook page and check current price of Infinix phones here.

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