InnJoo ONE 3G has been Upgraded to Android Lollipop 5.1

Innjoo has announced on InnForum that Lollipop Android 5.1 has been launched in InnJoo, that the operating system of ONE series smartphones are already updated to Android 5. The update is for the 3G version Only, as 4G version update is coming by October says Innjoo.

You can download the Android 5.1 for Innjoo one here.

The update will upgrade your Innjoo One 3G smartphone to Android 5.1 and also add new apps.

innjoo one android lollipop 5.1

Innjoo warned iFans not to consider upgrade to android Lollipop on MTK6582 platform as heat dissipation problem hasn’t been solved on MTK6582 Lollipop, but you can go ahead to update your device if powered by MTK6580 as it such devices have been equipped with Android Lollipop.

You can check the thread on Innforum here. Right there, you will also see the link to the guide on how to update your Innjoo smartphone to the latest Android OS.

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