Jetseta App Lets You Request For Private Jet or Helicopter For Your Trips

The Jetseta Mobile App commonly referred to as the Uber for private jets and helicopters represents a milestone in the Nigerian Aviation Industry.

We can all agree that air travel in Nigeria is still plagued with a plethora of problems, some of which are flight delays, cancellation, luggage misplacement, to mention a few. If you can avoid all of these problems, would you go for it?

For instance, you have an urgent meeting to attend in a different part of the country; would you rather book a flight with the hope that your flight is not delayed, or worse still cancelled, or if you are lucky, your luggage is left behind?

Or would you request for a private jet or helicopter with an option of a group share or single seat which allows you to share the cost of the charter at an affordable price? The smarter choice, at least for passengers who are “time poor”, would be to go for the reliability of a guaranteed option, and ensure you get to your meeting at the scheduled time.


book jet online in nigeria


jetseta nigerian app for booking jetsjetseta nigerian app for booking jets

With the option of flying a private jet or helicopter without having to deal with the cost of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), and Operations especially with the unstable foreign exchange rate, the Jetseta app provides you with an array of prestigious jet operators and private charter services (Caverton Helicopters, Izyair, Triton Aviation etc.) to choose from.

We all desire trouble free air travel with guaranteed comfort, privacy, convenience and timely trips, this app provides us with a key to attaining these.

You can download Jetseta Mobile App on App store and Google play to get started.

Download Jetseta App for Android and iOS

Click on the links below to download the app, or simply search for Jetseta in the app stores:
>> Download Jetseta for ios (iPhone, iPad)

>> Download JetSeta for Android

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