KongaPay App Lets You Auto Renew DsTv Payment Monthly, Send and Receive Payments etc

KongaPay mobile app is a product of which allows users to carry out transactions online and offline with ease i.e you can buy airtime from any Nigerian network, pay for dstv or gotv monthly subscription plans, send money, shop online etc without having to enter your card’s cvv, number generated from token devices everytime you want to carry out a transaction.

In fact, you can even use your mobile phone to scan a qr code just to make payment for an order you place at an offline or online store. Besides that, you can set up auto renewal of your dstv monthly subscription so you can always stay connected even if you’ve forgotten your payment due date.

dstv auto renewal payment

The app doesn’t use the wallet system. Instead, it links directly to your bank account once you sign up for a KongaPay account with your phone number and link a Naira debit card to the KongaPay account.

If you receive payment into your KongaPay account, it gets transferred directly into the linked bank account and if you make payment using your kongaPay phone number, it will be deducted directly from the linked bank account.

If you’re a business owner, you can generate QR Codes of items you want to sell and KongaPay user can pay you by scanning the code with their mobile devices. You can set up payment subscriptions and recurring payments.


kongapay mobile app download

How Can I Download KongaPay Mobile App for Android and iOS?

You can download KongaPay app for Android and iOS from their respective app stores.

Download KongaPay for Android
Download KongaPay for iOS ( iPhone, iPad)


When signing up for Konga account, ensure you use the phone number you used when signing up for the bank account you want to link to the KongaPay account.

Verve Cards are currently not supported on KongaPay. MasterCard and Visa Card are accepted!.

You will be signing in to your KongaPay account with the phone number you used for KongaPay registration and the PIN you set during the registration process.

You can read more and login to KongaPay on web at

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