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How I Monitor Current Twitter Trending Topics On My Phone


Twitter Trending Topics are those topics identified by Twitter algorithm as been the most discussed topics on Twitter at a particular time. By tracking those trends, you can easily monitor hottest emerging topics around the world in real time.

Although there are some websites that claim to track Twitter trends eg, I don’t really like using them because the uptime of most of them is not reliable and most of them don’t even update real-time.

So, whenever I want to monitor current Twitter trending topics on my phone, I simply launch my mobile phone browser and go Once I sign in, I tap the “discover” > “trends” tabs to view the current trending topics in my cuurent location. Location Trends identify popular topics among users in a specific geographic location. Right there, I can also choose to see the current Trends worldwide or at other geographic locations.

You can as well track Twitter trends on the web via and via the official twitter mobile apps.

How do you track current Twitter trends?

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