MTN CallerFeel Registration Codes and Subscription Plans

MTN CallerFeel is a classy service that allows you express yourself through short messages that will appear on your callers’ phone screen when they call your line. The message will appear as a pop-up notification. So, they get to see and feel your message instead of listening to a ring-back tune.

What Can I Use MTN Caller Feel For?

MTN CallerFeel can be used for:

Sharing Status Updates
Sharing special moments
Sharing Special messages to specific callers and host of other ways.
So much more! You can be creative in ways to use it.

MTN CallerFeel Subscription Plans And Codes

The code you will use to register for MTN caller feel depends on the subscription plan you want. For now, there are basically three MTN Caller feel subscription plans as stated below:

N50/month which allows for 25 updates for the month.
Send REG to 50016 to activate the monthly plan.

N30/month which allows for 10 updates for the week.
Send REG7 to 50016 to activate the monthly plan.

N5/month and allows for 1 update for the day.
Send REG1 to 50016 to activate the monthly plan.

You will receive an SMS notification on the status of your subscription. The SMS notification will confirm if your subscription was successful.

Alternatively, you can log onto the MTN CallerFeel website, enter your MSISDN and select the option to subscribe to the service. You can as well, add whitelist and blacklist (callers who can see your personalized CallerFeel) on the site.

Text SCB to 50016 to search and view different categories of MTN CallerFeel box.


mtn caller feel

How To Change MTN Caller Feel Message

To personalize your CallerFeel, simply create your message and send it to 50016, E.g.;

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Interesting right? Yes! Let Your Callers Feel You Before You Speak

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