PP Assistant Developer accused of Copyright Infringement by TaiG Jailbreak Tool Maker

Few hours after iOS 8.4 was announced, the admins of 25pp announced the release of “untethered iOS 8.4 jailbreak” which can jailbreak iOS 8.4.

This angered TaiG team, as they are now accusing the developer of the PP assisitant (, of copyright infringement. They have published a public notice on their site about their disappointment with 25PP for releasing an iOS 8.3, and now iOS 8.4, jailbreak that uses stolen exploits.

TaiG claims that PP Assistant team has reverse engineered TaiG Jailbreak Tool in kernel level and provides download through PP jailbreak assistant only by modifying TaiG’s program interface.

Before PP’s plagiarism, TaiG’s internet was reported to have been attacked accurately for several times and cut off, while TaiG was working on the final test of jailbreak tool.

Well, lets see how the drama unfolds….

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