Price of Tecno Phone That Use BBM

A list of Tecno Android that support bbm might be needed if you are interested in buying a Tecno phone which can let you use Blackberry Messenger. Nevertheless, such list is not really necessary because in as much as a Tecno phone runs on Android OS 4.0 upward, it will use bbm.

Tecno with BBM

Below is the list of Tecno Androids that run on Android 4+, hence supports BBM and their current prices in Nigeria.

Tecno S3 ==> N14,000

Tecno S5 ==> N22,000

Tecno M5 ==> N25, 500

Tecno M7 ==> N27,000

Tecno Phantom A3 ==> N49, 800

Tecno Phantom A2 ==> N46,000

Tecno Phantom A+ ==> N35,500

The listed Tecnos above are not all the Tecno Androids that support BBM. I didn’t include the ones that I don’t know their current prices. Pls, note that the prices will change as time passes by.

Hence, you can always get the current prices of Tecno phones at Jumia store, Konga website and at slotlimited.com

If you know other Tecno phones that support BBM and also know their prices, kindly share via comments.

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