Repark Mobile App Lets You Text Driver of Another Car Blocking Your Car In a Parking Lot

repark mobile app

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I was on an urgent visit to see a prospective client in a popular shopping complex in Abuja and to dash out quickly for another appoint. It turned out that I spent a little more time with this client than I planned.

When I was done and got to the parking lot, about three other cars were parked behind my car. There were no park attendants and the security guys were only at the entrance. How on earth can I tell where the drivers went and none even bordered to drop his mobile number on the dashboard. I had to wait and the waiting was about an hour before I could drive out. This I assume is a common sight in major cities of Nigeria particularly in cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, etc.

I decided to come up with a free solution to this challenge and that was when Repark was birthed. Repark now has one of its many channels; the mobile app channel launched. With Repark Mobile App, drivers can now send text message to the driver of another car blocking his car using the blocking car plate number but without revealing his own phone number.

All that is required is to enter the plate number of the blocking car in the app and do a search to know if the car has been registered with Repark. If this car is found, the moment you press the SEND button, the driver of the car will get a test message delivered to his mobile phone. The message is a customized one informing the driver of the need to Repark his car.

Repark Mobile App requires internet to work but you do not need any data subscription to use Repark Mobile App. Just put on your data connection and we assure you, not more than 50kb will be used to register your car or send a Repark SMS except to download this app which is just 504kb in size. This is nothing compare to the frustration double parking could cause.

You may never know when next you will need Repark Mobile App. Download it now to register your car. Downloading Repark Mobile App, registration of cars as well as sending Repark SMS is free.

You can download Repark Mobile App from Google Play Store or at .

>> Ezekiel Joshua is an IT professional with a passion to provide unique solution to common challenges.

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