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Requirements for Replacing Glo SIM Cards


You can replace your lost or stolen SIM card at any Gloworld Shop closest to you. You will be required to fill a form and proof you’re the owner of the stolen or lost SIM. Thereafter, you will be issued a new Glo SIM that will bear same Glo number as the stolen one. The sim should start working after 24hours of replacing it.

Requirements for Glo SIM Replacement

1. Photocopy and original of a valid ID card, is compulsory for both Prepaid and Glo Business SIM replacements

The following shall constitute valid IDs:

National ID/Drivers License or International Passport
Employee ID/Trade Union ID or School ID

* All IDs must bear a legible picture of the owner/bearer.

2a. Proof of ownership for Prepaid

SIM Certificate (cardholder) or Receipt of purchase
Police Report and Sworn Affidavit

2b. Proof of ownership for Glo Business

SIM Certificate (cardholder)
Copy of S.A.F. (Glomobile contract)
Glomobile Invoice of last 3 months (prior to line suspension)
Written request/introduction from Corporates.
Police report and Sworn Affidavit

The Cost for SIM replacement is N100.00 only

You can download a form for SIM replacement at GloWorld website here.


Where Can I Replace Glo SIM?

Check out the addresses of GloWorld offices or Glo Zones here  and visit the nearby office to replace your Glo SIM.

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