SnapChat Paperclip Lets You Add Links To Snaps

Snapchat for Android and iOS have been updated with a Paperclip feature, which simply allows users to add links to snaps. If you attach a website to a Snap, followers can swipe up to open the link in Snapchat’s internal browser. This could be a link to an event registration form, your online store etc.

To add website link to your snap on snapchat, just tap the Paperclip button in the vertical toolkit and enter your link.

snapchat paperclick add links to snaps

To help users avoid opening objectionable links, a preview will be shown next to the swipe-up arrow.

All shared links must abide by Snapchat terms of service, community guidelines and privacy policy. Snap will use its own automated trust and safety tools, as well as information from Google’s Safe Browsing service, to warn users about potential phishing scams, malware or other dangerous sites. Snap also encourages users to report inappropriate content.

Apart from the Paperclip feature, there are other new features that were rolled out which include : voice filters and backdrops.

Voice filters let you remix the sound of voices in your Snaps while backdrops lets you cut out an object from your Snap and put a colorful pattern behind it to make it stand out. If you want to use the snapchat backdrop feature, first tap the Scissors in the Vertical Toolkit and then the Backdrop icon.

How To Use Snapchat Backdrop, Paperclip and Voice Filters

Below is a video demo that explains how to use the new snapchat features.

Note: Verified accounts on Instagram can add links in Instagram stories. Business accounts with more than 10K followers can also do same.

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