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How To Use MTN Night Plan During The Day

As far as I am concerned, MTN all night data plan which gives 4.5GB for N2,500 is still the best. However, you have 1.5GB as bonus and the remaining 3GB for the night (9pm – 6am) only. The 3GB becomes active after the exhaustion of the 1.5GB bonus.

Most people have been asking how to use the 3GB during the day especially when they some urgent things to do during the day and cannot wait for the night.

Here are the THREE master tricks:

1. Do not switch off your network or phone after 6am: Switch on the network before 6am and let it overlap till after 6am. In this case, you continue using the night plan during the day maintaining the normal speed of the network and also for any device (Android, iOS, PC and so on)

2. Use Simple Server: Simple Server can only be used to browse on the PC and not on mobile device. With some little configurations, you can surf anywhere with your PC browser using simple server.

3. Just on your network during the day and enjoy the services of Facebook, BBM and 2go ONLY.

NOTE:  Before using any of these tricks, it is so very much advisable that your account balance reads N0.00 because they will surely deducted all that is in your account if you have something there. I won’t be responsible for loss of airtime ooo.

Someone thinking on how to subscribe to the plan? send “102” to 131.


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