What is Airplane mode on my iPad and iPhone?

Wondering what happens when you turn on “airplane mode” on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Well, your device will not be able to transmit or receive wireless signals when enabled. i.e you will not be able to use the internet nor make or receive phone calls.

Airplane mode lets you easily disable the wireless features of your device in compliance with airline regulations without having to fully switch off your device. When enabled, you can still play with apps on your device, but you can’t surf the internet, and you can’t make a phone call.

It is primarily used in planes, hence the name. Airplane mode is required on planes because the radio waves from your device can interfere with essential electronic equipment on the airplane, which might be disastrous.

How To Put iPhone In Airplane Mode

Go to Settings > Airplane Mode to turn it on.

When you enable airplane mode, an airplane icon appears in the status bar at the top of the screen and the following wireless connections and services are turned off:

    ==> Cellular (voice and data)
    ==> Wi-Fi
    ==> Bluetooth
    ==> GPS
    ==> Location services.

What is the difference between “do not disturb” and “airplane mode”?

The “Do not disturb” setting only silence calls, alerts, and notifications on your Apple device and doesn’t stops you from surfing the internet and also doesn’t stop your from making calls.

I hope this helps.

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