4 Very Important Football Apps to Have This World Cup Season

Now that the World Cup has kicked off, loads of people who were not following the game have now woken up, especially after the Flying Dutchman (Robben Van Persie) landed with the ball over the head of Goalkeeper, Iker Casillas of Spain. Below are 7 world cup and football game apps you should get your hands on and keep the morale high.


The FIFA App

The World Cup is called the FIFA World cup and by default it is hosted by FIFA. This app belongs to FIFA, so what do you expect? A perfect football app, right? After all, who can do it better than the owner?


When you download the FIFA app, you are taking the world cup everywhere you go – well as long as you device goes with you. That way you don’t have to bug your friends about the time for the next match, or even wait for a match only to realize it is not scheduled for that day.

The FIFA app covers the all the action in Brazil in text and photos and even video highlights. You can also keep track of national team rankings, as well as the standings for 197 leagues around the world.

Download FIFA Official App for Android 

Download FIFA Official App for iOS


ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup

ESPN FC is the official broadcaster of the World Cup in the US, therefore the ESPN FC app features live match video highlights moments after the action. Even though it looks like the exclusive in-game highlights is a US ONLY feature (yeah yeah!)


The app also contains match schedules, scores and in-depth reports on each of the national teams, as well as commentary and analysis. Apart from the 2014 world cup reports, the app allows you to follow up on the transfer news and rumors, team standings and more.

Download ESPN FC Soccer and World Cup for Android

Download ESPN FC Soccer and World Cup for iOS

Forza Soccer

a.k.a.  Forza Football by FOOTBALLADDICTS


Forza Football gives you notifications and live scores as they happen on the on the field of play. You can choose to get info about the upcoming matches of your favorite team; you will even get pre-match lineup, formations and stuff like that.

If you argue about football a lot (football Prof) you will like this – this app collects the opinions of the fans and shares them all over the world. That way your argument will not just stop at the viewing centre, the world can hear you after all that Messi should have started the match! Get Forza today.

Download FORZA Soccer for Android

Download FORZA Soccer for iOS 


Travel Portuguese Futebol Edition

Travel Portuguese Futebol Edition by ROSETTA STONE LTD


How would you like to go to Brazil and with the help of just an app on your phone, you can make reasonable communication in the local language? Travel Portuguese Futebol Edition is the football edition of this app by ROSETTA STONE LTD. They used to have a Portuguese travel phrasebook app.

Now with football ability, this app will coach you to learn the greetings, soccer terms, transit and lodging terms, shopping, emergencies and of course, food and dining terms! You will also get a bonus searchable phrasebook which you can peep on your own to say Excelente Jogada! meaning: What a Great Shot!

Download Travel Portuguese Futebol Edition for Android

Download Travel Portuguese Futebol Edition for iOS

So, which of these apps will you be getting or do you already have any of the above? Please leave a comment below or also suggest an app for us to go and get busy with. No matter what, enjoy the world cup!

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