Safe Mode Removal Trick for Tecno Android Phones

Tecno Mobile

This morning while trying to send SMS on my Tecno M7, the phone acted strange and I decided to reboot it. Surprisingly, I noticed “Safe Mode” been displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen after it was powered ON. I was surprised because I didn’t put it on Safe mode. I didn’t even know how to do that not until I googled it.

After googling how to remove safe mode on android, I saw some tricks which I tried. Luckily for me, I was able to remove safe mode from Tecno M7 by just long pressing the power button to switch it off, then switch it ON again. The safe mode disappeared from the screen.

If the safe mode fails to disappear, you can try uninstalling the most recent apps you installed on the phone or just do a factory reset.

When in Safe Mode, Android does not load any third-party apps and you can uninstall an application causing problems. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications to uninstall an application.

How To Boot Or Start Tecno Androids in Safe Mode

==> Turn off the phone, long press the power button to turn ON the phone.
==> When the Tecno logo appears on the screen, press and hold the Volume Down button.
==> Keep holding the Volume Down button until the Home screen loads, and “Safe Mode” appears on the screen. You can feel the device vibration before entering into Safe Mode.

That’s all.



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