How To Screen Grab on Tecno M7, d5, F7, F8 and Others

Grabbing the screen of your Tecno phone is the easiest way you can save interesting moments on your phone to your Gallery. You can do this easily on your phone without the need to download screenshots or screen grabber app for Tecno. You can take screenshot without root with the press of two buttons. Cool..huh?

I use the trick alot in saving Instagram pictures to my Tecno M7. Whenever I see a photo I like on Instagram, I will grab the screen, then crop it with the Tecno Gallery app to remove the comments, tags etc. I also use it to capture some chats when chatting with BBM for Tecno M7 and also when I need some screenshots for my blog posts. It’s so much fun.

So, How Do I Grab The Screen of My Android Tecno Phone?

Hold down the power button and the lower volume button simultaneously till you hear a click sound like the camera click sound and you’ll see a framed image appear and fade into the notification bar.

The grabbed screen will automatically be saved in screenshot folder in the Gallery app.Right there, you can preview it, crop it, share it to another app, or delete it.

NOTE: Both buttons should be on the right and left sides of your Tecno phone.

That’s all.

Did it work for you? Please let me hear from you while also stating the type of Android device you are using. Thanks.



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