How To Set Alarm On Android Tecno Phones

You can use your Tecno Android phone as an alarm clock to help you wake up in the morning by taking advantage of the inbuilt “Clock” app. You can set more than one alarm, even possible to set alarm for different days if you don’t want the alarm to repeat everyday. You can also set a custom ringtone for the alarm.

In this tutorial, I’m sharing with you how to set alarm on Tecno M7 as an example. So, if you are looking for a guide on how to set alarm on Android 4.2 or don’t know where the alarm settings is on your Tecno Android M7, just follow me through the steps below:

==> Click on the “Apps” icon on your Tecno M7, tap the “clock” app
==> Tap on the alarm button at the bottom-left corner of the screen as highlighted below:

Tecno M7 clock app icon

==> Tap the “add alarm” button with the plus sign ( + ) at the top of the screen

add alarm icon

==> Set the desired time and tap OK. Make sure you set the “AM” and “PM” correctly.

==> Tap the “Repeat” option so it can repeat it everyday. You can then tap on the day you don’t want the alarm to work.

In the sample above, all days are selected, hence it will repeat everyday.

==> Tap on the default ringtone to select the alarm ringtone of your choice

==> You can “uncheck” the “Vibrate” option if you don’t want your phone to vibrate while its alarming you. Keep in mind that phones tend to move around while vibrating.

That’s all.

The alarm will appear on the “clock” app screen. It will also appear on the home screen if you’ve added the Android “digital clock” widget to your homescreen.

To turn off alarm on your Tecno Android M7, just tap on the “OFF” button beside the “ON” button.

alarm settings

You can change the settings of the alarm by clicking the drop down arrow as highlighted above.

To delete an alarm on Tecno M7, touch and hold it for some seconds. Once selected, tap the delete icon.

NB: If you want a different alarm time for weekends, just set up a new alarm and only highlight Saturday and Sunday.

I hope this helps.

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