How To Delete Alarms on Tecno M7

When I checked the “Clock” app of my Tecno Android M7, I noticed two alarms have been configured by default; one for weekdays and the second for weekend. The alarms are turned “OFF” by default.

Although, you can edit the settings of the alarms but if you prefer to create a new alarm, you can delete the default alarms with ease.

To delete,

==> Click on the “Apps” icon on your Tecno M7, tap the “Clock” app
==> Tap on the alarm button at the bottom-left corner of the screen as highlighted below:

Tecno M7 clock app icon

==> Touch and hold the alarms you want to delete.

delete android alarm

==> Once selected as seen in the screenshot above, tap the “delete” icon.

That’s all.

Hope it works for you.

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