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How To Set Alarm in Infinix Hot 2 x510

The Infinix Hot 2 x510 is preloaded with the “Clock app” which lets you set alarm in the Infinix Android 5.1 smartphone. Apart from settings alarms, you can use the app to add timers; run a stopwatch; keep track of time around the world using the World Clock and pair with Android wear devices to bring your alarms and timers to your wrist.

In this post, I will only show you, how to use the “clock” app to set alarms on the Infinix x510 smartphone.

How To Get Started

==> Tap the “App drawer” icon
==> Tap on the “Clock” app to launch it

set alarm on infinix hot 2 x510
==> Tap on the Alarm tab located on the top of the screen
==> Tap on the plus (+) symbol to set up a new alarm

If there is already an alarm set, but you want to change certain aspects of it like time or sound, you can tap on it to modify and toggle it ON or OFF.

==> Set the time as desired. Be sure to choose AM or PM correctly.

A notification should pop up on your screen saying the alarm is set for X hours and X minutes from now if everything was done correctly.

You can further adjust the alarm as explained below:
==> “Uncheck” the “Vibrate” option if you don’t want your phone to vibrate while it’s alarming you.

==> Tap on the default ringtone (eg Oxygen) to select the alarm ringtone of your choice. Will be easier to use a song as the ringtone if you’ve installed ES
FileExplorer app.

==> Tap on “label” and enter a description to remind yourself why you set the alarm.

==> Tap the “Repeat” option so it can repeat it everyday. You can then tap on the day you don’t want the alarm to work.

==> Tap the “waste bin” icon to delete the alarm

==> You can toggle it OFF to disable the alarm.

==> You can tap on the drop down arrow to close the alarm options.

That’s all.

I hope this helps.

NB : There is no default app on Android devices called “Alarm.” However, the Clock app has an alarm among with many other functions.

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