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How To Exit Apps On Android Tecno Phones

If you want to quit/exit/close an application – whether its the music app, the calendar, a downloaded app, the calculator, anything really on your Tecno Android phone, you can get it done easily. When you’re done using an app and you fail to exit it, it will keep running in the background and this probably will be using the system resources and might make your phone to run slow.

The multitasking feature in the Android OS of my Tecno M7 makes it possible to have multiple apps open simultaneously and this is been managed by the default task manager app. No need for third-party app.

Uses of Android Task Manager

  •  Can be used to switch from one Android app to another
  •  Can be used to close/exit a running Android application
  •  Can be used to close/quit ALL running Android applications

Anytime I want to close a running app on my Tecno M7, all I do is press and hold the Home button for some seconds till a new screen pops up. Right there, I can tap on the minus sign under an app to exit it or tap the “remove all” button to exit all the running apps at once.


Nevertheless, there are some apps that will not appear there but will be running in the background. To view such apps, tap on the “App manager” button or go to “Settings” > “Apps” on your Tecno Android. Once the “App Manager” opens, swipe to the left (2 times) till you get to the “running” apps. Right there, you can tap on a running app, then tap “STOP” to force stop it.  Mind you, if the app is your Android security app, it won’t make sense stopping it.

I hope this helps.

Let me know if this trick work for your tecno Android phone and kindly state if it is tecno N3, P3 etc.

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